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Facing Internet Crime Charges In NYC?

“Sam’s unique personality and his methods work wonders. If you want a lawyer who’s talented and determined, look for Sam. He’s very approachable and genuine, and he doesn’t play into the profile of the stereotypical stuck-up lawyer who’s after your money. That being said, thanks for fighting for us!” — review

Cases involving Internet crimes are made more difficult by the complex technological issues involved. These cases cannot be handled in the same way as other criminal offenses.

Getting an attorney who understands this specialized area of law, one who can be your advocate, is vital.

Defense Against A Wide Range Of Serious Internet Felony Charges

Samuel Gregory is a renowned criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, New York, with more than 35 years of experience on his side. From defending against serious drug trafficking offenses to racketeering to computer fraud, he has done it all.

He often defends against a wide range of serious Internet felony charges in state or federal court, including:

  • Computer fraud
  • Email fraud
  • Hacking
  • EBay fraud/online auction fraud
  • Child pornography (possession, sale or distribution of child porn)
  • Solicitation of a minor over the Internet
  • Disseminating lascivious material to a minor

Sam knows how to build a legal strategy that is designed to defend against these charges. His reputation is built on his ability to stand strong in the face of adversity. His experience comes into play in the most complicated and challenging criminal defense cases.

He thrives in the courtroom. His ability to undermine evidence and witnesses has helped him win cases against enormous odds. He is ready to put the same level of intense representation to work for you.

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Upon our first meeting, Sam had a special feel and connection about him that distinguished him from the other attorneys. He was able to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Sam was able to secure every subsequent court date that I requested….