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The following is a portion of a letter received in March of 2014. Client had a federal drug case in the Southern District of New York several years ago.

Man of Action

May 2022

Upon our first meeting, Sam had a special feel and connection about him that distinguished him from the other attorneys. He was able to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Sam was able to secure every subsequent court date that I requested. He is a man of action and kept it real with me. His 25+ years of experience definitely shown. He got me out of a sentence of up to 20 years while giving me hope in a bad time in my life. I would recommend him because he is indeed the best.



I have been meaning to write this letter to you for quite some time. You saved me from suicide and years of incarceration, and you made it possible for me to have the meaningful, joyous, purposeful life I now have. At that time I was 31 years old. I had been clinically depressed and chemically dependent for more than half of my life. I was selfish, narcissistic, irrational, and bound for a rapid deterioration and certain death. You took the time to gather the evidence of my depression and addiction. You wrote a moving and masterful letter to Judge Sweet on my behalf. Your advocacy convinced Judge Sweet to sentence me to one year in prison instead of, at best, five years and ten months. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to prove that I was sick, not evil. I shudder to think what could have happened without your representation. And for all of this-every authentic, irreplaceable, sober moment-I am eternally grateful to you. Every person I help, every attitude I change, is a result of your dedication and advocacy. Had I received the mandatory minimum, I would still be in prison today.

Hey my brother and friend for life. I know I may not have say thank to u as often I should, but not for one minute am I not appreciative of what u did for me and my family. Trust me , I remember , and will never forget those days and the things u did not pressuring. Thanks for making this day ( her collage graduation ) possible and with tears from my eyes as pleasure , I hope god continue to bless and keep u healthy for u to be there for your family and for others like u been for mines. Have a bless day. Love u my friend!!!

Mr Gregory really helped me out in a time of need. I was arrested for cocaine possession under unfortunate circumstances, in which I was caught holding my friend’s cocaine for a minute and hadn’t even planned on using it, but got caught in the wrong place and the wrong time. Mr. Gregory helped me by moving my DAT up by over 2 months, understanding that the pending DAT was causing me anxiety. Not only that, he helped me get an ACD, that was sealed the next day – I could not have asked for more! Mr. Gregory is both tough as well as understanding; he has great connections within the court system so the DA, judge and police officers that we interacted with showed him respect and it was clear that they trusted him. I could not recommend him more highly!

Gets Great Results

Investment Bank Employee

October 2010

Sam Gregory and Andy Gable were able to do what other lawyers said was impossible. They tried every angle and worked tirelessly on my case until all possibilities were exhausted and we were able to get results that exceeded even our expectations. I was able to see firsthand the excellent reputation they have with the District Attorneys as well as the Judges who respect their professionalism, honesty and integrity. I was approached by the Judge’s assistant who told me that my lawyers did an excellent job on my behalf and that the judge would not have been as cooperative in any other case. I think this says it all. I know I had the absolute best lawyers in my team and they went above and beyond what was required to get my domestic violence case dismissed and sealed within half the expected time. They did the impossible in my case and my family and I are grateful beyond words.



July 2010

Dear Sam, It has been a few months since we last talked. I wanted to write to thank you on behalf of my family and I for the work you did on my case in late 2009-early 2010 and to tell you how glad I am to have had you fighting for my side. I will be the first to admit that I made some distinctly regrettable decisions that led to our first meeting, but I believe that if it were not for your sage advice and legal know-how, I would have suffered a much more severe punishment at the hands of the district court. Your seemingly tireless efforts to assist my case along every step of the way certainly led to an outcome better that I could have hoped for at that time. What’s more is that you really cared about me and my family, and you showed us all the silver lining in the cloud during what appeared to us at our darkest hour. I’ll never forget how you told me to keep my chin up – that everything would work out in the end for me and for my folks. I’m pleased to tell you that nearly six months out from my court date (and after completing the community service requirement), I am back on track, keeping my nose clean and doing better than ever. I am getting ready to move out to Madison, WI in a few weeks and will start back at school at UW-Madison come September. I feel grateful for having the opportunity to complete my undergraduate education and to move on with my life. So thank you for everything you’ve done for me Sam, I hope we will keep in touch (but not in/that/kind of way).”

Truly An Amazing Attorney

by ForeverGrateful

March 05, 2009

There are truly no amount of “thank yous”, no possible words, nothing on Earth we could possibly do to thank GOD for sending us one of the BEST lawyers in Brooklyn. In March of 2007, my boyfriend was arrested. We met with a legal aid who gave us no hope, a day later we met with a lawyer recommended by a friend who just didn’t make us feel comfortable and then GOD lead us to Samuel Gregory who gave us all the hope in the world. After visiting with Sam we were sure that receiving an acquittal was possible. For the first time in several days we were able to eat and sleep. Mr. Gregory is by far one of the hardest working, dedicated and resilient lawyers in New York State. Sam, with the assistance of his associate Andy Gable, fought one hell of a fight and we WON! NOT GUILTY on every count. If you pass him up as your lawyer you are gambling with your life. Sam, you are truly LOVED! Pros: Dedicated, Hardworking, Resilient & Caring Cons: NONE

The best lawyer in the business


Posted by seantron

Samuel Gregory is an exceptional attorney,armed with a brilliant and dedicated staff p.s hey Andy.Mr. Gregory is an extremely tough,smart,and tireless.Samuel dove head first into my case and didn’t come up for air until we won.Samuel Gregory compared to my previous attorney is like dinner at a 5 star restaurant compared to a cold burger in a port authority restroom.He turned a nervous and scared client into a confident witness.Mr. Gregory was willing to go to jail to protect me his client who was not ready to be put on the stand.Samuel Gregory is without question one of best and toughest attorneys practicing today and any client would be lucky to be represented by such a tough and brilliant attorney.Mr. Gregory is more than a great attorney he is indeed a wonderful human being,and I sincerely mean that.I was lucky to find and be represented Sam but I am even luckier to be able to call Sam my dear friend.Love you Sam Pros: 5 Star service Cons: none

The Best of the Best!


A huge THANK YOU to Attorney Gregory for obtaining a dismissal on my son’s case. An honest, caring, extremely knowledgeable and savvy attorney…he’s the Best of the Best! Pros: Honest, Reasonable Cons: Not one negative!

Great Defense Attorney


does a great job of explaining your case and telling you exactly how the system works. Sam has been at this over 25 years and if you case goes to trial the district attorneys know they will have their hands full. (which may lead them to drop your case in the first place) Pros: your innocent Cons: none

Talented Lawyer


Sam’s unique personality & and his methods work wonders. If you want a lawyer who’s talented and determined, look for Sam. He’s very approachable and genuine, and he doesn’t play into the profile of the stereotypical stuck-up lawyer who’s after your money. That being said, thanks for fighting for us!

Best Attorney Ever!


If you have a legal problem this is the attorney you want in your corner. He is extremely smart and he worked tirelessly to help resolve my problem (SUCCESSFULLY!!). Trust that you will be thoroughly represented. Pros: Very well connected in the Brooklyn State Criminal Court.

The Best Gladiator in Brooklyn


Sam, You left no stone unturned. You ate, slept and breathe our case. You were focus and devoted. You fought hard for my son’s freedom and we will never forget.

One of the best


A truly honorable and dedicated person…..helped save my life and I highly recommend him. Thanks Sam….Forever grateful!!!

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Upon our first meeting, Sam had a special feel and connection about him that distinguished him from the other attorneys. He was able to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Sam was able to secure every subsequent court date that I requested….