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Legal Representation For White Collar Crime Offenses

It happens over and over again: People who are under investigation for a white collar crime don’t get representation early enough. Then, during the investigation, they end up doing something that gets them charged with a crime.

It happened to Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby. Neither was actually charged with the alleged offense that started the investigation. They were charged with lying to federal agents. If they had just said from the beginning, “Talk to my lawyer,” they may have never faced indictment.

And the punishment is much more severe today. In the past, you would rarely see a 15- to 20-year sentence for a white collar crime conviction. Now, they are commonplace.

Getting a skilled criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle these cases is extremely important. If you’ve been notified that you are under investigation for fraud or other white collar crimes — this is the perfect time to get the protection of a lawyer.

Why Choose Samuel Gregory To Defend You

Over more than 35 years, attorney Samuel Gregory has provided protection and aggressive defense for thousands of clients. He has honed his skills through the years to become an extremely talented lawyer defending clients in all five boroughs of New York, including Brooklyn, and throughout New Jersey.

Types Of White Collar Offenses

Sam often takes on white collar crime matters that involve:

  • Securities fraud, including insider trading, misrepresenting investments, making false statements, Ponzi schemes, churning and other criminal security violations
  • Computer crimes, including computer fraud, Internet auction fraud, child pornography, hacking and other computer-related crimes
  • Embezzlement, including employee theft and misuse of corporate funds
  • Fraud-related charges, including bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and health care fraud
  • Financial crimes, including money laundering

Contact Sam Gregory For Help

It is no exaggeration to say that Samuel Gregory is one of the most accomplished and experienced criminal defense attorneys in the New York area.

Contact his office today at 718-804-5208. You can also reach him online.


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