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Samuel Gregory’s Top Not Guilty Verdicts

Southern District of New York SDNY
(November 2021) Public corruption case involving a U.S. Bureau of Prison Correctional Officer. The charges were bribery, blackmail and misprision of a felony. The Government put on a very strong direct case with each witness. Every cross examination served to compromise the case. After a protracted deliberation the jury returned a unanimous verdict. NOT GUILTY ON ALL ACCOUNTS!

March 2017: In early March 2017, Sam tried a case in the Eastern District of New York. The defendant was charged with importing over 600k worth of Heroin into the United States. Sam vigorously cross examined the Government’s witnesses and put on a strong case for the defense.

Disposition: Sam’s client was found Not Guilty of all charges and is now enjoying his freedom.

Bronx County (June 2013) Perjury in the First degree: N.Y.P.D Detective charged in a 64 count indictment. Eleven prosecution witnesses, including a sergeant who testified against client. Two and a half week trial. NOT GUILTY ALL COUNTS.

Bronx County (June 2012) Robbery in the first degree: Graduate school student charged with acting with another student in gun point Robbery. Arrested with gun fleeing scene, full confession. NOT GUILTY ALL COUNTS.

Kings County(November 2012) Assault in the first degree: Young professional charged with striking another causing loss of eye and permanent physical injury. Three week trial. NOT GUILTY ALL COUNTS.

Federal Court: Eastern District of New York (October 2010) Cocaine importation: Client facing life in prison. One week long trial. NOT GUILTY ALL COUNTS

Kings County (December 2008) Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree: Client a young employed union worker charged with brandishing a loaded weapon in a crowded park. Gun removed from client by police. Before seeing Sam Gregory four lawyers informed client case was impossible. Defense of temporary lawful possession resulted in NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

New York County (June 2006) Sex abuse: Professional charged with abusing a Columbia PHD student in a taxi. Case turned on sympathetic yet brilliant cross examination of complainant. NOT GIULTY ON ALL COUNTS.

Richmond County (November 1999) Murder in the First degree: A double murder and the only acquittal in a death eligible case in New York City. Prosecution put on approximately 20 witnesses, a full written confession, ballistics recovered in clients home that matched those recovered at murder scene and jail house informant. NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

New York County (July 1996) Murder in the Second Degree: Another double murder case with numerous prosecution witnesses. NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.


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