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Brooklyn to Alaska

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The Brooklyn to Alaska Project is a private not-for-profit whose mission is to bring brave and adventurous urban youth to Alaska so that they may be inspired and challenged by the wilderness to overcome obstacles, develop self-confidence, and experience the power of open communication and teamwork, which will serve them for a lifetime.

Thank You!

Thanks to our many contributors; we made the Brooklyn To Alaska adventure a huge success this summer. Eight young men from Brooklyn will always remember the adventure that took them 5,000 miles away from home to the land of the midnight sun.

During this trip the young men met some concrete challenges. They confronted physical exhaustion, feelings of isolation and homesickness. Each one of the young men found a way to get through it and contribute to the group effort.

The highlights of this trip were many. These young men stayed overnight with an Alaskan wilderness homesteader. They learned exactly how this man lives a subsistence life off the land. The next day they enjoyed a hike and climb on a glacier 30 miles long and 1,000ft. thick. They also climbed a mountain and camped on the summit. During the second half of the trip, these young men, together with professional guides, ran a 4 day raft trip on the wild Chitina river. THEY DEMONSTRATED A COMMITMENT TO TEAMWORK AND DISPLAYED TREMENDOUS LEADERSHIP WHICH MADE THE RAFT TRIP A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. During the raft trip they saw grizzly bears but no other humans. They swam in glacial melt waters and loved it! These are memories that will not soon be vanished.


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