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Involved In Federal Grand Jury Proceedings?

Are You A Subject, Target Or Witness? Understanding Federal Grand Jury Proceedings

People called in to a federal grand jury proceeding fall into three general categories: subjects, targets and witnesses.

The target is the person the prosecution believes is responsible for the crime — the main person they want to charge. The subject is a person of interest, someone the prosecution may be considering charging with the crime. The witness is someone who has information that may benefit the prosecution.

Federal grand jury proceedings are very serious. A mistake, even on the part of a witness, can lead to serious repercussions further down the line. Sam Gregory can help.

A Case-In-Point

Recently Sam was contacted by a client who was under investigation for medical fraud. The client was not a citizen and was very afraid of being deported. Sam spoke to the federal prosecutor who immediately stated that if the client wanted to come in and plead guilty he could enter into a cooperation agreement. Rather than run in with his tail between his legs, Sam evaluated the case and told the prosecutor that the client would rather go all the way to trial. The prosecutor declined to indict Sam’s client. The client is now a practicing physician.

Why You Need A Lawyer For Federal Grand Jury Appearances

For more than 35 years, attorney Samuel Gregory has been providing strong criminal defense representation to people throughout Brooklyn, all five boroughs of New York who have been notified by the United States Attorney’s Office via subpoena or brought in as a subject, target or witness.

If you are a subject or target, enlisting Sam’s help can help you better prepare for what to expect. If you’ve been subpoenaed as a witness, Sam can help you learn about the process.

Regardless, if you are a part of a federal grand jury proceeding in any way he has the knowledge to protect you and your rights.

Types Of Felony Charges That Precede Federal Grand Jury Proceedings

Sam can advise and counsel you about federal grand jury proceedings that precede any type of felony charge, including:

He knows that valuable opportunities arise during this stage of the criminal justice process and the importance of asserting your rights and protecting your freedom cannot be stressed enough.

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