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Legendary Lawyer with more than 35 Years of Criminal Defense Experience

Facing Federal or State Criminal Charges in New York? Retain a Respected and Successful NYC Criminal Defense Attorney.

Representing Individuals Facing Serious Federal Charges

The Importance Of Getting A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Many people often get charged with crimes that could have been avoided if only they had retained a lawyer promptly. If you believe you are being investigated for a federal offense, an attorney experienced in these matters can protect you and help avoid litigation.

Samuel Gregory: Federal Crimes Lawyer With Over 200 Cases Under His Belt

With close to 200 federal cases under his belt, attorney Samuel Gregory with the Law Offices of Samuel Gregory, P.C., in Brooklyn, New York, has the experience and knowledge to help anyone who has been or may be charged with a federal crime.

He is also not afraid to go to court. Many criminal defense lawyers are inexperienced and encourage a client to enter a guilty plea without really knowing the case. Sam Gregory has engaged in many trials and would never encourage a client to plead guilty just to avoid a courtroom.

Federal Defense Practice

In a career as a criminal defense lawyer spanning more than 35 years, Sam Gregory has defended people accused of many state and federal crimes such as:

  • White collar crimes, including bank fraud, mail fraud and credit card fraud
  • Drug charges, including manufacturing and trafficking
  • RICO
  • Sex crimes

Legendary Cases

Many of Sam Gregory’s past cases are legendary, including:

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Upon our first meeting, Sam had a special feel and connection about him that distinguished him from the other attorneys. He was able to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case. Sam was able to secure every subsequent court date that I requested….