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Man receives federal drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Federal Crimes

A 36-year-old man was taken into custody by New York state police after a drug raid during which authorities found a gun, drugs and drug paraphernalia. There was also ammunition for the DPMS LR-308 semi-automatic assault rifle as well as a scope and tripod for the weapon. The man was not supposed to be in possession of the gun or the ammunition because of a previous conviction according to authorities.

He was originally charged with the illegal firearm possession as well as with distributing meth. About 8 ounces of the substance was found during the raid that led to him being taken into custody. Authorities say that the man conspired to distribute methamphetamine with others in Broome and Chenango counties. That resulted in additional federal charges including felony counts of conspiracy to distribute as well as being in possession of cocaine base.

Authorities allege that the conspiracy occurred between October 2017 and April 2018 and that it involved more than 50 grams of meth. In addition to the charges, the man may lose cash totaling $1,486 seized by authorities. Currently, the man is in Broome County jail where he was being held on state charges, and there is an arraignment on the federal charges scheduled for Sept. 19.

The penalties for a conviction on federal drug charges may range from a fine to many years in prison. An attorney may work to help a defendant obtain a favorable outcome in some cases by challenging the search that led to the seizure of the evidence as violating the client’s constitutional rights.