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How a person can be charged with computer fraud

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | Federal Crimes

There are many ways in which a New York resident could be accused of using a computer to commit fraud. Computer fraud is a broad term that encompasses acts of theft, deception, misrepresentation and harm. Some people could be accused of committing a simple act of computer fraud with one email while others are charged for orchestrating complex scams over the Internet.

Prosecutors often charge people for computer fraud because of sent emails that authorities suspect are fraudulent. If a person or company sends out many emails at once requesting personal information, they could be accused of trying to gather the information in order to commit acts of fraud. A person could also be charged with computer fraud if they send emails that contain computer viruses that damage the receivers’ computers.

Hacking is another type of computer fraud that people may face charges for. An alleged hacker could be accused of accessing a private server in order to change information or gather data. Some people are accused of hacking into a server and taking large amounts of data with the intent to sell the information. Using another person’s computer and taking credit card information or other personal information is another form of computer fraud.

A person who has been charged with federal crimes involving alleged acts of computer fraud may want to retain representation from an attorney. If there is not substantial evidence linking the defendant to the computer that was used, an attorney may argue that the defendant cannot be charged for computer fraud.