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How prescription painkillers can lead to severe criminal charges

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

One day you go to your doctor or the emergency room because you are feeling pain. He or she writes you a prescription for oxycodone or hydrocodone to help relieve the symptoms. You find that this medication stops your pain and makes you feel euphoric. Over time, you find yourself taking more risks because of your addiction.

What starts as a simple prescription can lead to serious criminal charges. Here are some common criminal activities relating to prescription pain drugs. 

Writing fraudulent prescriptions

Perhaps you are so reliant on painkillers that you start committing fraud. Stealing a prescription form from your doctor and fraudulently prescribing yourself pain meds may get you in serious legal trouble. 

Stealing painkillers

Maybe your desire for these drugs is so intense that you do not even think twice about stealing pills from other people. You may start by taking pills from family members or friends but then take matters to new heights. You may go so far as to break into homes to search medicine cabinets or steal from a pharmacy. 

Shopping for doctors

You should only go to your primary doctor for your prescription. If you see other medical professionals and lie to them in order to feed your addiction, you could face criminal charges. 

Selling prescription drugs

You may even start to illegally sell painkillers to other people. If you are stealing or fraudulently obtaining drugs, you may try to make some extra cash on the side. This type of behavior may cause you to face legal consequences for selling or trafficking drugs. 

Possessing or selling illicit drugs

Your addiction to prescription painkillers may cause you to seek euphoria from illegal substances, such as heroin or fentanyl. If you get caught using or selling these drugs, you may end up with felony drug charges. 

Addiction to painkillers is no joke. Make sure you seek help if you are dealing with any of these problems.