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Rapper and TV star Jim Jones facing weapons and drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

On June 20, rapper and “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” star Jim Jones was taken into custody on gun and drug possession charges. According to reports, the incident allegedly involved a short car chase in Georgia.

The rapper and reality TV star was initially stopped by a Coweta County sheriff after the gray Mercedes SUV he was a passenger in was seen drifting into and out of the emergency lane several times on Interstate 85. When the officer pulled up next to the vehicle to talk to the driver, it was reported that the interior was filled with smoke and there was an apparent odor of marijuana. When the officer left the vehicle, the SUV took off, resulting in a short chase. The chase only ended when an officer pulled his vehicle in front of the SUV, causing the SUV to strike the police vehicle.

Jones told authorities that he had told the driver to stop the vehicle, but that she was incoherent. When the vehicle was searched, Oxycondone pills and a loaded Titan .25 caliber pistol were found in the backseat of the SUV. Authorities also found a handgun that appeared to have been stolen and other pills. Ultimately, Jones was charged with drug and weapons charges. The other three vehicle occupants were also facing charges associated with the incident.

Depending upon the type and amount of the drug and whether a person has prior convictions for drug crimes, the consequences of drug charges can be severe. In some cases, they can include fines, jail time and a criminal record. A criminal law attorney may determine what defense strategies could be used to reduce the potential consequences or result in a dismissal of the charges altogether.

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