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3 taken into custody on drug-related charges

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Three New York residents were detained on Feb. 23 as part of a two-month drug investigation in Umadilla. A 35-year old man and another man and a woman, both 27, were charged with two misdemeanors related to drug paraphernalia and felony counts of first- and fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. They were also charged with second-degree possession of marijuana.

The New York State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team, uniformed state troopers and a state police Special Operations Response Team all participated in the search of a residence that led to the people being taken into custody. Police found 15 pounds of processed marijuana, 11 ounces of concentrated cannabis and 11 ounces of cocaine.

Law enforcement also reported finding $8,000 in cash ad $2,000 in Western Union checks. In addition, they seized cell phones, a grinder used for cocaine mixing and materials for packaging drugs.

Being convicted on drug crimes of this nature can have serious consequences. However, people who are facing these types of charges may still have a number of options available. They might want to strategize with an attorney about how to create a defense at a trial. The attorney might also look at how at how the evidence was gathered or how the person was taken into custody. If law enforcement did not obtain the proper search warrants or violated the person’s rights in some other way, some of the evidence might be dismissed. Finally, a person may also have the option of a plea bargain. This involves making a deal with the prosecution instead of going to trial. Usually, a person gets a lighter sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to lesser charges.

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