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Drug raids result in multiple charges

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Police in Troy, New York, collaborated with the FBI to raid seven apartments and take nine people into custody during several drug raids that took place on Feb. 1. However, the result of the raids had left some people in the community less than thrilled. Instead of seizing heroin, they recovered about 6.5 pounds of marijuana and $9,000 in cash. No weapons were recovered during the raids.

Police did find cellphones and surveillance systems in the apartments that were raided. Those who were taken into custody ranged in age from 31 to 45. Their charges included marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance. One man was charged with violating a condition of his sentence while another man was charged with violating his parole.

Those who are charged with drug crimes such as possession may face a variety of penalties. These penalties may include time in jail or prison in addition to probation or community service. Fines and court costs may also be part of a sentence handed down. Defendants may be able to avoid some or all of these penalties through a plea bargain or by obtaining an acquittal in their case.

An attorney may be able to help create a defense against the charges in an effort to help clients obtain a favorable outcome. Defenses may include asserting that an individual did not intend to possess, sell or distribute a drug. It may also be possible to assert that an individual did not know that he or she was in possession of a controlled substance. In some cases, evidence may be suppressed, which might lead to a case being thrown out prior to trial.