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Neighbor complaints lead to drug raid

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

Multiple nuisance complaints from neighbors about a Jamestown apartment on Broadhead Avenue alerted police to the possibility of drug use activity. An investigation by the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force along with observations by patrol officers supported the neighbors’ suspicions. After gaining a search warrant for the property, the local police department along with the New York State Police CNET entered the residence.

Officers found a 35-year-old woman at the property. Authorities reported that she had 43.3 grams of methamphetamine in her possession along with a few pieces of drug paraphernalia, cash and some doses of Suboxone.

Charges filed against the woman included a second-degree offense for using drug paraphernalia and a seventh-degree criminal charge for possession of a controlled substance. The Jamestown Police Department continues to ask the community to report drug trafficking activities.

When law enforcement jails a person for alleged drug crimes, a criminal defense lawyer could guide the defendant through the criminal justice system. The attorney could describe the meaning of the charges and explain what penalties might result from a conviction. A review of the evidence could also present a defense strategy, especially if evidence appears too weak to support the charges or law enforcement violated the defendant’s rights. By contacting the prosecutor, the attorney might succeed in getting charges dropped or reduced. If some charges remain, an attorney could explain the pros and cons of going to trial or plea bargaining. During a trial, the lawyer could question the validity of the evidence. To negotiate a plea bargain, an attorney might suggest that the defendant attend a drug treatment program in exchange for a lenient sentence.