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3 reasons why more men face drug charges than women

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2017 | Blog

When you think about the typical drug offender, there are a number of variables that may be interchangeable, but the gender of your suspect is likely male. Indeed, statistics show that men face the most drug-related arrests and convictions. This is interesting given the fact that, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, two-thirds of federally incarcerated women are doing time for a drug offense.

Despite this, men still outnumber women dramatically when it comes to drug offenses. It is worth considering what underlying factors contribute to this problem. If you are facing charges, understanding the following facts and consulting with a legal representative may both be helpful. 

Stereotyping and criminal profiling

Law enforcement practices in arresting and charging suspects have long been under fire. Police often face accusations of stereotyping and profiling unfairly. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as certain demographics, including men, receive criminal treatment and thus become marginalized. This can certainly contribute to the increased prevalence of men facing drug charges.

Stress and economic pressure

Men are often subject to unique stress and economic pressure that can lead to drug charges, too. When there is an expectation for you to provide for a family or be the “man of the house,” you may feel it becomes necessary to do so by any means available. Becoming involved in drugs or associating with people who are can often result in far more trouble — legal and otherwise — than it is worth, though.

Men have higher addiction rates

Though drug charges often entail criminal consequences, suspects often need treatment rather than punishment. Unfortunately, men suffer from addiction at higher rates than women, so criminal statistics reflect this disparity. Advocating for treatment rather than jail time can benefit your case, and hiring an attorney can be helpful for anybody facing potential jail time when treatment would be the more appropriate option.