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Is racial profiling relevant to your drug case?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Blog

New York City has a diverse racial, religious and cultural population, which is part of what makes the area so interesting. However, it also makes the people subject to racial profiling by law enforcement, and it is no secret that tensions are high between police and minorities.

New York did not even have legislation prohibiting racial and ethnic profiling until 2015. With the time it takes to train on new policies and procedures, you may still have the chance of experiencing racial profiling.

What is racial profiling?

Racial profiling occurs when your race, religion, ethnicity or national origin influences your interactions with any type of law enforcement. Police may target you more for stops and searches (and on less evidence or suspicion), treat you more roughly or be less likely to intervene in criminal activity against you based on your looks. Judges and juries may give you harsher sentences than they would to those who have lighter skin. What you wear and how you move can even contribute to the problem as well.

How does it affect your drug case?

Racial profiling is illegal and can thus invalidate the reason for the police stopping and searching you, which has a positive effect on your case. However, proving racial profiling is not easy. If your criminal defense attorney is successful at proving its role in your treatment, arrest and charges, then you can receive financial compensation and reimbursement for legal fees.

However, it may be easier for your lawyer to find fault with law enforcement in other areas through investigation and cross examination. Even if the evidence against you is strong, a legal team that is even stronger can lead to lesser charges and penalties for you. No matter the circumstances, you need a persistent and experienced attorney to defend the rights you deserve to employ regardless of the drug crime you committed.