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3 of the most common major drug crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Blog

Treatment of drugs in the United States is undeniably in a state of transition. While many states move to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, law enforcement continues to crack down on other substances. This is not without cause; according to the New York Times, drug-related deaths and overdoses are skyrocketing like never before.

Law enforcement’s fervor in abolishing drugs has resulted in the arrest and incarceration of countless people who may or may not understand their legal rights. If you are facing one of the following or any other type of drug charge, you should consider investing in legal representation to guide you through the criminal process and ensure the protection of your rights.


Charges of drug manufacturing typically result from the allegation that you have been involved in any part of the production of a drug. This might include growing or creating elements that will later be used in the creation of an illegal drug. If you sell a chemical with knowledge that it will be used for these purposes, you may also face manufacture charges.


Trafficking charges are often levied against people who transport drugs across state lines with the intention to sell them. This is not the only circumstance which might trigger a trafficking charge, though. You might face charges even if you do not cross state lines but law enforcement suspects you of selling or distributing illegal drugs – but the differentiation may determine whether it is a misdemeanor or felony charge.


Drug delivery charges may accompany trafficking or manufacture charges, though they refer to a different crime. This charge applies in cases where a drug is allegedly transferred from one person to another, and it is an amount larger than that expected of a single person’s consumption. Alternately, you might also face charges if law enforcement accuses you of an attempted transference of drugs that you failed to complete.