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16 accused of involvement in heroin trafficking ring

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Authorities charged 16 people on June 21 for allegedly being involved in a New York heroin trafficking ring. The individuals were accused of being narcotics suppliers and users who would also resell the drugs.

The trafficking ring was reportedly in operation between Nov. 13, 2015, and March 30, 2017. During the investigation into the alleged trafficking ring, authorities reportedly monitored the members’ phone conversations. The accused individuals reportedly used code to conduct drug deals or move the heroin around. The 16 accused individuals were taken into custody during a series of raids that occurred in multiple places throughout New York City and in other states, including Florida and California.

The heroin trafficking ring was reportedly operating in the Bronx and Brooklyn to the Monroe County area. The state attorney general said that about 2.8 pounds of heroin was recovered during the investigation. In total, the accused individuals were facing 103 drug-related charges, which included operating as a major trafficker, conspiracy to commit the crimes and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Those who are accused of committing drug crimes could face serious legal consequences, particularly if they are accused of being involved in a trafficking ring. While the consequences could include a lengthy jail sentence and serious fines, there are some defense strategies that could result in a dismissal of the charges against an accused person or a reduction in the severity of the consequences. A criminal law attorney may look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case or argue that the accused person was not directly involved in the drug trafficking scheme.