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Arrests in drug trafficking operation

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

According to officials, 52 individuals were charged with multiple offenses related to almost 370 crimes as a result of a Central New York drug trafficking operation. The charges included selling drugs, operating as a major drug trafficker, drug possession and conspiracy to commit murder.

The arrests were a result of a one-year investigation, referred to as Operation Bricktown. Approximately 30 of the individuals who have been charged are believed to be members of Syracuse’s Bricktown Gang. It is believed that the organization has been operating in the city for over a decade. According to police surveillance records, members of the gang intended to kill members of rival gangs in the city.

Four other individuals, who are believed to be a part of a different gang, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder against rivals. The prosecution officials state that the suspects tossed loaded guns out of a window while being pursued by the police. The defendants were arrested in multiple raids that took place across the counties of Cortland, Madison, Monroe, Oswego and Syracuse. The drug operation allegedly included the transportation of cocaine and heroin being transported through these counties. Two of the suspects were located in Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

Individuals who are accused of drug crimes, such as drug distribution, manufacturing or trafficking, should consult with a criminal defense attorney to ensure that their rights are being protected. The attorney may examine the factors in a client’s case and may try to negotiate lesser charges or even seek a dismissal if it appears that the search that led to the seizure of the drugs was not properly conducted.