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Police brutality can lead to lawsuits

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Civil Rights

New York residents rely on their local police to protect them and their property against crime. Sometimes, however, police use excessive force when apprehending or questioning someone. In such cases, people may suffer physical or mental injury that has a long-term impact on their well-being.

In April 2017, an NBA player reached a settlement with the New York Police Department over an arrest in which his leg was broken. The amount was $4 million, compensation for his inability to play while his leg healed. He was eventually able to go on and resume his career, joining another pro team.

Some analysts have noted that the amount of money the basketball player received was disproportionate to settlements received by individuals, or families of individuals, who experienced more traumatic injuries, years in jail after a false arrest, or the death of their loved one. The reason for this was partially the result of the way compensation can be calculated. Individuals with traditional jobs often don’t suffer the same kinds of economic loss as a professional basketball player who has been sidelined for a season.

Individuals of modest economic means may face other issues when attempting to seek justice after experiencing a violation of their civil rights. In some cases, the police department may use its own lawyers to attempt to dissuade a victim from filing a lawsuit.

People who have been the target of police brutality and resulting civil rights violations may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. Counsel could review their cases and make recommendations regarding strategies for litigation or settlement so that they can rebuild their lives after such an encounter.