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Football player charged with marijuana possession

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

New York football fans may have heard that Green Bay Packers wide receiver Geronimo Allison was charged with marijuana possession in December 2016. The charge stemmed from a traffic stop in September 2016 that took place on Interstate 43 near Francis Creek. He was stopped after police witnessed his Dodge going 81 miles per hour. The posted speed limit on that stretch of highway was 70 miles per hour.

According to police, an officer smelled marijuana in the player’s car upon first contact. While the player initially denied having marijuana in his vehicle, police found three cigars, and two of them contained a material that tested positive for THC. He was then taken into custody and transported to Manitowoc County Jail where he was given a citation for speeding and posted a $100 bond.

The Packers issued a statement saying that they were aware of the situation and would not comment on an ongoing legal matter. The NFL also said that it was aware of the matter and would not comment. If convicted, he could face discipline from the league under its substance abuse policy. Allison has a scheduled court appearance on Jan. 23 on the marijuana possession charge.

People who are charged with drug possession may face serious consequences such as jail or prison time, a fine or probation. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to consult with an attorney who may be able to create a defense to the charge. For instance, it may be possible to argue that a controlled substance didn’t belong to the person who was charged with possessing it.