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Additional arrests in drug ring

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

The Metro-Jackson Task Force has stated five additional individuals have been indicted as a result of the crackdown on an organization that was selling illicit drugs in Watertown, New York. This is following the 13 charges that were filed the week before against the 33-year-old ringleader, a man from the same city.

Law enforcement officials stated they had been investigating the drug organization for many months. Some of the individuals who have been arrested are associated with organized gangs that are linked to the New York City area.

The Watertown Police chief stated that there has been an increase in heroin overdoses and in deaths related to the drug in the last few years. The Jefferson County District Attorney declared that the case was unusual as it was a relatively extensive operation. The local area does not normally see drug operations with the high level of organization that was present in this case. Because there was a clearly defined hierarchy, enterprise corruption charges were filed.

There were numerous items seized as a result of several raids. They included almost $7,000 in cash, 3 ounces of cocaine, two handguns, a half-ounce of crack cocaine, packing material and digital scales. A total of 43 charges have been filed against seven individuals. A representative of the district attorney’s office indicated that the cases are very strong and that the office intends to take a tough stance.

Charges of drug trafficking are quite serious and can result in severe penalties if prosecutors are successful in obtaining a conviction. The burden is on the prosecutor to establish that defendants are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and it part of the job of a criminal defense attorney to see if there are any flaws in the manner in which the clients were searched before taken into custody, for example.