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Posts tagged "Drug Crimes"

Obama commutes hundreds of drug-related sentences

New York law enforcement officials probably heard that on his last full day in office, Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 330 inmates serving sentences for drug crimes. During his tenure in office, Obama had argued that there were systemic problems that led to harsh sentencing, but he was unable to push reforms through Congress. However, he commuted more sentences than any other president in history, a total of more than 1,700.

Football player charged with marijuana possession

New York football fans may have heard that Green Bay Packers wide receiver Geronimo Allison was charged with marijuana possession in December 2016. The charge stemmed from a traffic stop in September 2016 that took place on Interstate 43 near Francis Creek. He was stopped after police witnessed his Dodge going 81 miles per hour. The posted speed limit on that stretch of highway was 70 miles per hour.

Is it legal for law enforcement to use drug dogs to search your property?

Criminal law is quite complex, to say the least. There are state and federal laws that govern how law enforcement can act. Then, there are court rulings that apply to these laws. This is especially true when it comes to searches and seizures of private property. There are many procedures that must be followed for the search to be considered legal and constitutional. When the police use dogs to search for drugs, the same is true. The legality of the search depends on many different factors, from federal and state law to the Constitution.

Additional arrests in drug ring

The Metro-Jackson Task Force has stated five additional individuals have been indicted as a result of the crackdown on an organization that was selling illicit drugs in Watertown, New York. This is following the 13 charges that were filed the week before against the 33-year-old ringleader, a man from the same city.

Man faces charges for bringing drugs into New York

A Canadian man was arrested on Dec. 22 by American law enforcement agencies for transporting drugs worth thousands of dollars into western New York. The 40-year-old man from British Columbia was arrested with the assistance of the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Niagara Falls police department and Homeland Security.

Synthetic drugs pose risk of criminal penalties

Law enforcement officers in New York might choose to arrest someone in possession of a synthetic drug that might still be technically legal. Drug manufacturers continually attempt to stay ahead of legislation by altering formulas for substances commonly known as bath salts or spice. Police, however, do not know the exact chemical makeup of a suspicious substance at the time of arrest. Therefore, a person could be jailed and charged until a laboratory determines the legality of the substance in question.

Why you need drug court, not jail time

Do you face drug charges and fear time in a New York prison? While jail time may be the norm in Brooklyn, it is not the only legal route. In fact, it is not even the most effective one. Going to drug court is a much better option for you in the long run because it addresses the root of your problem and gives you a second chance at turning your life around with fewer consequences.

High school coach charged with drug possession

A coach at a New York high school was reportedly put on administrative leave after he was taken into custody for drug possession on Nov. 30. The 52-year-old coach, who worked at Hampton Bays High School, was to remain on leave until the outcome of the case was determined.

4 face charges after BB gun video sparks panic

According to law enforcement officers with the New York Police Department, two men and two women were arrested after posing with BB guns on a Facebook live video, sparking panic. The four were reportedly taken into custody after a massive law enforcement response to the Gramercy Park Hotel.

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