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Identity theft remains a thorny problem

Identity thieves in New York and around the country have been the targets of FBI investigations for decades, but the problem has become far more serious in recent years as more and more Americans handle their financial affairs online. The Federal Trade Commission says that the number of complaints it received about identity theft almost doubled between 2010 and 2015, but experts believe that the true number could be much higher than government figures indicate because many victims never learn that their identities were stolen.

Man receives federal drug charges

A 36-year-old man was taken into custody by New York state police after a drug raid during which authorities found a gun, drugs and drug paraphernalia. There was also ammunition for the DPMS LR-308 semi-automatic assault rifle as well as a scope and tripod for the weapon. The man was not supposed to be in possession of the gun or the ammunition because of a previous conviction according to authorities.

Kidnapping as a federal crime

In certain circumstances, federal authority may be exercised if a New York resident is kidnapped. This may be true if a person is taken across state lines or if the kidnapping involves a protected foreign national. In some cases, the federal government will get involved in cases where a parent has taken a child out of the country if that child is under the age of 16.

Federal carjacking offenses

In New York, carjacking is a crime that can be prosecuted under state law. It may also be prosecuted as a federal offense if certain circumstances apply. People who are charged with carjacking under federal law may face substantial penalties if they are convicted of the offense.

New policies could swell federal prison population

New York residents may be aware of efforts in recent years to ease overcrowding in federal prisons. This was done in part by limiting the use of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that had the potential to put nonviolent offenders behind bars for many years. However, in a two-page memo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has now directed federal prosecutors to seek the most serious charges against defendants.

How a person can be charged with computer fraud

There are many ways in which a New York resident could be accused of using a computer to commit fraud. Computer fraud is a broad term that encompasses acts of theft, deception, misrepresentation and harm. Some people could be accused of committing a simple act of computer fraud with one email while others are charged for orchestrating complex scams over the Internet.

Types of kidnapping in New York

A parent in New York who takes their child and does not have legal custody of that child might be charged with kidnapping. International parental kidnapping is also a crime under federal law. However, there are other forms of kidnapping as well.

'Staff errors' led to 152 inmates being held in jail longer

If you're looking for a damning report about our criminal justice system and the method by which we keep people in federal prison, look no further than a 2014 lawsuit by a former prisoner who was left in jail too long due to a "staff error." The lawsuit revealed 152 other inmates imprisoned by the federal Bureau of Prisons from 2009 to 2014 that were kept in jail for longer than they were supposed to be there.

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