Case Results

Eastern District of New York (April 2016) Sam recently represented an individual in the Eastern District of New York who was charged with a substantial fraud while employed by the City of New York. The client was held responsible for over $500,000 of loss. This client's guideline range was 41 to 57 months in prison. The case was in front of a fair but firm Judge. Sam was extremely persuasive in discussing human temptation, the importance of redemption and the pain of going to prison. After a exceptional sentencing argument, the client received a non custodial sentence. The client is now working and enjoying his freedom.

Southern District of New York & Queens County (2015-2016) Sam recently represented a man in a medical fraud case. This man was a licensed physician in his native country but was practicing medicine in New York without a license. Sam received a call from a United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. The call was a typical offer: Tell your client to come in plead guilty and cooperate with us and we will write him a 5K1.1 letter at sentencing. After consulting with the client Sam realized that any criminal conviction would have two disastrous effects. First, the client would never become a licensed physician in the United States. Second, he was likely to have been deported back to his native country. Sam called the United States Attorney and very politely told him to get ready for trial because the client was not willing to plead guilty. The United States Attorney referred the case to the Queens County District Attorney's Office. Sam met with the Queens prosecutor and negotiated a plea to penal law 240.20, Disorderly Conduct. The client is now practicing physician enjoying a happy family life.

New York County Supreme Court (February 2016) Sam represented a 30 year old man who was a major marijuana distributor in New York. The client after his arrest turned his life around by going back to school, working full time and engaging in community projects. Unfortunately the prosecutor in Manhattan refused to offer the client anything other than one year in jail on a Felony Plea. Sam refused to quit. Sam prepared a extensive report and presented it to the Judge. The Judge in the case was extremely impressed with the client's efforts to change his life. Sam approached the bench with the prosecutor and explained that without the help of the Court his client would be a Felon for life. The Judge responded "He will not be a felon in my courtroom". The client has been promised a misdemeanor after he completes community service and pays a fine. The client is thrilled because his future is intact.

Kings County (November 2015) A self employed immigrant plumber was arrested for possession of a weapon which was recovered from his home. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and was facing fifteen years in prison. Any conviction for a weapon related offense would have resulted in his deportation. Sam was able to negotiate a plea to possession of ammunition, an unclassified misdemeanor. The client appeared at a deportation hearing and the case had no impact on his immigration status. This clients remains gainfully employed living with his wife and children.

May 2014: Client charged with B felony drug possession. Previously served 18 years. Was facing 12 years for drug sale.

Disposition: A misdemeanor plus 10 days community service.

April 2014: Client NYC transit worker. 2 previous DWI'S charged with driving with a suspended license. If found guilty mandatory jail on open DWI plus loss of employment and pension.

Disposition: Not guilty all counts on April 9, 2014.

April 2014: Client charged in federal drug conspiracy case in the Eastern District of New York. Facing 360 months to life.

Disposition: Client was sentenced to time served plus one week.

April 2014: Client from Guyana previously plead guilty to felony drug case. Arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement facing permanent deportation.

Disposition: Persuaded prosecution to replead client to a Disorderly Conduct resulting his being able to stay with family in the USA.

March 2014: Client an advertising executive charged with embezzling money from employer.

Disposition: Disorderly Conduct at case conclusion.

February 2014: Business owner charged in massive fraud concerning oil disposal.

Disposition: Obtained a result with no jail time and no probation.